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Santa Inc. has the equipment, manpower and experience to handle your entire project scope. From mass excavation and sitework to utilities and trucking, we’ve got you covered!

What We Do

Mass Excavation

One-stop shop for all your excavation needs.


Variety of services to meet your project scope.


From sewer to water, let us solve your wet utility needs.


From large-site to single-load, we’ve got your need covered.

Want To See Our Services In Action?

Mass Excavation

Santa Inc. has the manpower, equipment, knowledge and experience to handle all your excavation needs. From deep, shored excavations extending below grade over 50+ feet exporting 100,000 yards or more to large sites requiring cuts and fills, we have you covered. With our combination of equipment and fleet of trucks, Santa Inc. is your one-stop shop in mass excavation.


We perform large commercial, industrial and mixed-use projects to residential housing plats, Santa Inc. provides you with a complete scope for your project. The following is a list of sitework Services:

  • Erosion Control

  • Site Demolition

  • Clearing & Grubbing

  • Mass Excavation

  • Contaminated Soil Disposal
  • Shoring Support

  • Structural Excavation & Backfill

  • Capillary break for Concrete

  • Rough and Finish grading

  • Right-of-way prep work

  • Retaining walls


In our quest to provide a complete scope for our customers, Santa Inc. has a talented staff to solve all your wet utility needs.

We provide the following services:

Sanitary Sewer Utilities

Mainline of 25 feet in depth or more, Manhole Installation, Pump chambers, Side sewers.

Storm Water Utilities

Mainline up to 60” diameter, Manholes, Catch Basins, Storm detention systems, Water quality vaults.

Municipal Water Utilities

Mainline up to 24” diameter, Valve clusters, Fire Hydrants, Large Meter Vaults, Backflow preventers.


At Santa Inc, we have many different styles of trucks and trailers to accommodate your hauling needs. With traditional Truck & Pups, Side dumps, Super Solos, and a variety of heavy haul equipment trailers with capabilities up to 50 tons, we can cover just about any need you may have. Our top-notch shop with maintenance programs in place, ensure that our trucks are ready for safe travels at a moments’ notice. Let our reliable and responsive dispatch know how we can be of service to best suit your project’s needs.  From mass excavations and large site work projects, all the way down to single load homeowner deliveries, one call to Santa Inc can cover it all.

Waste Export

Whatever your site export needs are, Santa Inc can meet, and exceed your production needs to make sure your project stays on time and in budget. With an extensive network of additional truck rental companies, as well as dumpsites to handle any type of material, there isn’t any project that Santa Inc can’t facilitate.

Aggregate Import

Our long-standing relationships with the area’s major aggregate sources allow us access to any type of material you may need, and in any quantity to get your job done. With products ranging from standard types of crushed gravel, washed gravel, backfill and bedding materials, all the way down to very specialized blends of materials to meet your specific project needs, let Santa Inc do the leg work so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Contaminated Soils Removal

With dozens of contaminated soil removal projects under our belt, we have yet to come up against any type of contamination that we can’t dispose of properly, ethically, and with all the documentation to back it up. With ever-changing environmental regulations and acceptance standards, it is of the utmost priority for us to maintain relationships and communication with both the soil engineering firms, as well as the general contractor. This ensures that these sensitive materials get to the appropriate designated dump facility as smooth as possible. You can rest easy knowing that this often tricky part of your project is in good hands with Santa Inc.

Lowboy Services/Equipment Moving

Along with the ability to move a wide spectrum of heavy machinery, we can also handle the transportation of your materials that don’t have engines. As long as it’s within proper weight parameters, and can be loaded onto a trailer and be chained/tied down safely, our motto is “If it fits, it ships”! Let us handle the permitting and pilot car needs for your special loads so that you don’t have to. We have the carrier transport insurance, and well-trained employees to make this aspect of your business a breeze.

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